Project Description

Controller PN5K

• Control inputs for dry running protection, remote control etc.
• Operation data for 10 years, overload and over-temperature
• Integrated MPPT ,High reliability, Perfect system protection
Power Max:                  5 kW
Input voltage:               Max. 880 V
Mppt Voltage:              460-850V
Motor current:              Max 10 A
Efficiency:                     Max 98 %
Ambient temp:              -30…60°C
Protection degree:       IP65

Motor AC DRIVE SUB 4″ 4 kW

Highly efficient 3-phase AC motor
• Frequency max. 50Hz
• Premium materials, stainless steel: AISI 304
• No electronics in the motor
Efficiency                     Max. 92%
Motor speed                 1,150…2,850 rpm
Power factor                0.87
Insulation class           F
Enclosure class           IP68
Submersion                Max. 300m

Pump End

• Non-return valve
• Premium materials, stainless steel: AISI 304/316
• Rotor: stainless steel, hard chrome plated, abrasion resitant
• Helical rotor pump (positive displacement)
• Two main parts only: stator and rotor (field serviceable)
• High life expectancy

Pump Unit

Borehole Diameter min. 6″
Water temperature max. 30°C